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6 Easy Tips for Getting Into the Entertainment Industry

Are you trying to get a job in the entertainment industry? It can be a struggle to seek employment as an actor, musician, producer, or find work for other entertainment related careers. For those that have had difficulty getting into show business, use the following 6 tips for breaking into the entertainment industry.

#1 – Check Your Contacts


C-Clown-Yedang-EntertainmentThe very first tip for making it in the entertainment industry is to know someone already involved in show business. If you do not know anyone working in entertainment, you need to get out and meet new people. If you are an actor, start with your acting classes. For musicians, get to know other musicians in the area. The more people you know, the more likely you are to gain a useful contact. Networking is a major part of the entertainment industry.


#2 Р Use a Personnel Agency


The next option is to use a personnel agency. These agencies already have working relationships with various production companies and studios. These agencies can help you find work, even if it is just a short project, small role, or photo call. Using a personnel agency is like having a contact that works in the entertainment industry.



#3 – Find a Temp Job


logo-entertainmentWorking for a temp agency is close to the same thing as working for a personnel agency, except you will likely have a wide variety of jobs and roles. It is a good way to witness various aspects of the entertainment industry before you actually find a full time job or recurring work. This can also help you meet new people and do some more networking.


#4 – Search for Jobs Online


There are quite a few quality websites that are regularly used by studios to seek small roles. If you are looking to get your name out there and get more exposure, then take it upon yourself to find work by searching online. A personnel agency or a talent agent could help you land roles and find jobs, but you should also be willing to put in the work and find jobs.


Super_Nintendo_Entertainment_System_(PAL)#5 – Offer to Work For Free


Working for free is a good way to get your foot in the door. By joining a TV crew or working on a film for no pay, you increase your chances of getting experience. Similar to being an unpaid intern, you are taking the job to gain experience, meet new people, and learn more about how the entertainment industry works.


#6 – Take Classes


satellite-entertainmentWhether you want to be a musician or an actor, take classes. Even if you do not think you need them, a group class is a wonderful place to meet other people, some of whom may have job leads for you. The teachers of the class could also have some insight that will help you find work, or increase your chances of finding work. Along with these advantages, taking classes will also improve your skill – which, you should not forget, is the main factor that will determine your success.


Break into the entertainment industry, using these suggestions and tips. You need to meet new people, network, and make contacts. Stay in touch with people, so that you do not lose any of your contacts. Taking a class is a great way to meet more people or find job leads. You could also work for a personnel or temp agency. These are all easy steps that you can take to increase your chances of finding work in the entertainment industry.