Three funds raise capital for Connecticut

In previous years, Connecticut’s funding area has endured. In any case, all that is transforming now that the Insurance Reinvestment Tax Credit program has took into consideration three new speculation assets to jump up. Enhanced Capital Connecticut, Advantage Capital Connecticut Partners, and Stonehenge Capital Fund Connecticut have effectively raised a huge number of dollars that will be put resources into Connecticut organizations.

The Insurance Reinvestment Tax Credit program, which was established in 2010, gives Connecticut Insurance Companies a chance to decrease their taxation rates by putting resources into Connecticut Companies. While Connecticut is the protection capital of the nation, a large number of the state’s different ventures are enduring because of absence of capital accessibility. The expense program will guarantee that huge numbers of these battling organizations will remain in Connecticut. The venture reserves must meet the programs to some degree strict rules keeping in mind the end goal to qualify. The rules are resolved to profit the organizations most in require, for example, organizations with under 250 representatives and those specifically divisions.

Enhanced Capital Connecticut-This organization’s concentration is to put resources into mid-level to little organizations that are regularly disregarded by customary speculation firms. They help Connecticut’s huge insurance agencies in securing state and government assess attributes and work to put those assets straightforwardly into the state. Through this procedure, they have officially gained over $30 million.

Advantage Capital Connecticut Partners-This organization has been giving organizations much-required venture capital for more than 20 years. They have officially raised over $75 million. This sum will be partitioned among a few Connecticut organizations and could help a generous change in the state’s economy. They have just put resources into 8 organizations, incorporating ones in the green and innovation segments. Overseeing accomplice Ryan Brennan discussed of Advantage Capital’s investment in Connecticut activities.

Stonehenge Capital Fund Connecticut-This organization has raised over $35 million to be redistributed among Connecticut organizations. Their endeavors will concentrate on business advancement and group change. The organization has been around since 1999 and utilizes more than 50 workers.

Duty programs like this are just the same old thing new. Be that as it may, the financial jolt comes at a truly necessary time for Connecticut inhabitants. Starting at as of late, a significant number of the state’s noticeable organizations have withdrawn to states that offer to a lesser degree a taxation rate. Since Connecticut is home to the country’s biggest centralization of insurance agencies, it is essential to offer these extensive organizations impetuses to stick around. Additionally, the speculations will offer new organizations a chance to prosper and goad the economy.

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Celebrating Women at Elle’s Annual Event in Washington

Each year, ELLE Magazine holds a dinner celebrating women of power in Washington, D.C. On March 22, 2017, ELLE’s 7th annual dinner was held at Fiola Mare in Georgetown. Produced in conjunction with Bottega Veneta, the Italian design house, the “Power List” event was hosted by ELLE Editor-in-Chief Roberta “Robbie” Myers.

This event is part of ELLE’s celebration of March as Women’s History Month. The list was published in the April 2017 issue of ELLE, which hit newsstands on March 22. The cover, which features actor Anne Hathaway in a gorgeous pink Dolce & Gabbana dress, bears the header, “Bring It! 10 Women in D.C. Unveil Their Plans to Save the World.”

“Men and women always ask me, ‘Why does a fashion magazine cover politics?’” Robbie Myers remarked. “And I say, because the definition of fashion is very simply, ‘that which is current.’” ELLE is the world’s largest fashion magazine/network, with 33 websites and 43 international editions sold in 60 countries.

Honorees and guests included those with political power, journalists and tv correspondents as well as women from the fashion world. They mingled in stylish couture at the waterfront Mediterranean-style seafood restaurant.

The 10 honorees for 2017 are:

• Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Republican, Florida
• Debra L. Lee, Chair and CEO of BET Networks
• Jacqueline Days Serwer, the Chief Curator of the National Museum of African American History and Culture
• Judy Woodruff, PBS Newshour Anchor and Managing Editor
• Katy Tur, NBC News Correspondent
• Meighan Stone, the founding president of the Malala Fund
• Rhea Suh, the president of the National Resources Defense Council
• Sarah Chamberlain, President and CEO of the Republican-Main Street Partnership
• Senator Lisa Murkowski, Independent, Alaska
• Senator Patty Murray, Democrat, Washington

Dinner was prepared by Chef Brinn Sinnott. The 3-course dinner included Norwegian cod. Maria Trabocchi, one of the co-owners of the Gruppo FT Restaurants chain that includes Fiola Mare, was in attendance. Trabocchi herself knows a few things about politics, as she is the daughter of Spanish diplomats.

More powerful women from D.C. and beyond showed up at Fiola Mare to honor the ten nominees. The 50+ guests who attended the event included CEO of D&P Creative Strategies Catherine Pino, UAE Ambassador to the United States, Yousef al Otaiba, NBC Washington anchor Eun Yang, and Washington Business Report creator/former anchor/American University faculty member Rebecca Cooper Dupin. Male attendees included CBS News Correspondent Tony Dokoupil and Peter Selfridge.

In the February 2017 issue of ELLE, released in January, ELLE published its list of the 10 most powerful women in television. That list included Ava Duvernay, Samantha Bee, Shonda Rimes, and Kerry Washington. ELLE’s Women in Tech list for 2017 will be published in May.

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Mother Daughter Brand, SemSem Welcomes Albino Riganello

Fashion is what makes the world go round. It sets the tone for how people feel about themselves and gives them the confidence they need to succeed. The famous fashion house SemSem has taken the industry to a new level of luxury that has never been reached before.

Creative Directions
The SemSem line has become an iconic figure within the industry because of the dedication of its founder Abeer Al Otaiba. Her vision is directed towards:

  1. Quality
  2. Functionality
  3. Attention to detail

Married to political figure, Yousef Al Otaiba, Abeer is inspired to make clothing that represents who the person is and who they want to become.

Abeer Al Otaiba uses the iconic Egyptian symbol of a triangle and lotus flower to represent the brand. Her experience and knowledge has helped create a line of clothing that combines elegance and comfort for women around the world. The SemSem name has a direct tie to her daughter Samia, who has the nick name of SemSem.

Mothers and Daughters
There is a special bond that is unique to mothers and daughters. The goal of the SemSem line is to bring them closer together through fashions that play off each other. They are not direct copies, but use the same concepts.

Renowned Design Director
Albino Riganello is the new design director for SemSem. His illustrious career has taken him around the world, working for some of the top fashion companies. Riganello was intrigued by the offer to join the team and was excited to make the move.

Experience Counts
A long list of credentials follows Albino Riganello to SemSem. He has been linked to Dolce & Gabbana, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Elie Tahari, St. John, Zuhair Murad, and Givenchy. Abeer Al Otaiba appreciated the glamorous designs of Albino and wanted him to help her already famous fashion house move into its next phase.

Above and Beyond

Giving back is a top priority of Abeer Al Otaiba. She is a philanthropist who is active with women’s and children’s issues. Abeer is an avid supporter of charities that encourage the growth and empowerment of females. SemSem promotes literacy, legal awareness, education, and gender equality.

A Team Effort

It takes a team to become successful. When Abeer Al Otaiba and Albino Riganello joined forces, the brand SemSem became unstoppable. The clean sophisticated lines are designed for women who want to look as good as they feel. Any woman and their daughters can wear SemSem and feel more confident.

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Top 3 Meal Replacement Shakes to Try

You should always use an effective system when you look for meal replacement shakes for yourself. You should review three areas when you search for the best item to work into your fitness program. Consider taste quality, effectiveness and nutrient count as important areas for review. Meal replacement shakes are best when they taste amazing and they do what you expect them to do. The following are three of the top meal replacement shakes you can buy and some of the reasons that they should make it into your body:

Affordable Option: Ensure
Ensure has a series of meal replacement shakes that it offers online and inside of various establishments such as Walmart. The high-protein line of shakes comes with 16 grams of protein and 23 essential vitamins. Those vitamins and minerals include vitamins B, C and E, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, folate, magnesium and more. One shake is only 160 calories. Consumers adore Ensure shakes and give them ratings of three to 4.5 stars. Their most memorable praises refer to their taste. If taste quality is high on your priority list, then the Ensure option may be just for you.

Fullness Option: TruPLENISH Nutritional Supplement Shake by Mannatech
Mannatech’s TruPLENISH shake is an option that you would want to choose if you were looking for plant-based protein. The TruPLENISH shakes come in tasty vanilla and chocolate options, and they are high in fiber. Having a high fiber content in a replacement shake is important because it can provide you with a full feeling for many hours.These shakes may be for you if you are trying to curb your appetite. TruPLENISH is part of a full cleansing and nourishment system that Mannatech recently released.

Energy Seekers: Myoplex Lite Powder
Myoplex Lite is an amazing option for its energy production capability. It contains many ingredients that cause muscles and endurance to build. Some of the main ingredients in Myoplex are the calcium, taurine, soy and whey protein. Taurine is a powerful energy booster. If you want to your shake to wake you up and build your muscle, you may want to consider putting Myoplex Lite in your program. Consumers rated the product with more than three stars.

All of the above-mentioned options are amazing choices if you are looking to enhance your health and your body. Try one and watch it work wonders for you.

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Innovative Products that Help Keep Women Safe

Innovative Products that Help Keep Women Safe

Each year, thousands of women are assaulted and raped. However, there are companies that produce products that are keeping women safer such as the Safelet.

• The Safelet is a bracelet that has two buttons on the side that women can press to send a message to contact within a Guardian Network.
• In addition, this bracelet also is in sync with the user’s mobile phone to start recording audio.

Undercover Colors: an innovative and safe product

Undercover Colors ( is a great way for a woman to stay safe. Undercover Colors is nail technology that identifies the presence of common date rape drugs in various beverages by changing colors. To make it work, dip your finger with the nail technology into a beverage. Within seconds the presence of a date rape drug will change color.

Check out The SirenAnother product that helps women stay safe is the SIREN. The SIREN words by putting out a loud sound that confuses and distracts attackers. The sound can be heard from 50 feet away. To make it work, all you have to do is twist the top of the ring to the left; it will then put out a loud sound.

Athena: another safe product for women

Athena is another product that is effective and keeping women safe. It is about the size of a half dollar and puts out a loud alarm when a woman presses a button.

• Once the button is pressed, it sends an alert with the location of the woman wearing it and contacts who can give assistance.
• What makes this device even more effective is that it can be put on a “silent mode” and still send out information to contacts without making any sound at all.

What about Revolar?

Revolar is another great product; it looks like a small garage clicker. It is oval-shaped and is one two inches in length.

• It can be clipped onto a jeans pocket or sports bra. When it is pressed twice, it sends out a “yellow alert” to certain contacts.
• The contacts receive a text message with the user’s location and a message that says the user feels unsafe.
• In addition, a triple-press will send out a “red alert.”

To conclude, each year, thousands of women are assaulted and raped. However, there are companies produce products that are keeping women safe such as the Safelet. Find out more about products that keep women safe from the many fine articles on the Internet.

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20 Inspiring Films that Feature a Strong Female Lead

Erin Brockovich. Elle Woods. Leigh Ann Tuohy. Leading ladies that we all adore and all wish we could be a little more like. So often the gender inequality in film is subtle enough that it goes fairly unnoticed. But it’s an undeniable truth that movies which feature a strong, independent female lead (who isn’t just used solely as a foil or love interest for the male lead) aren’t exactly in abundance. So when we do get treated to movies of the like, we cherish them, we watch them over and over again, and we tend to never forget the indellible characters which no doubt have shaped our own decisions as women. These girls aren’t perfect by any standards—but the reason we look up to them as our role models is because rather than give up or (more often the case) rely on a man to solve their problems, they choose to pull from their inner strength and in the end they come out on top of the world because they did things their way. Without further ado, let’s list the 20 greatest movies with fearless female leads!

20. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) – Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn)

Everybody knows the iconic image of the ever-graceful Hepburn standing in front of the Tiffany’s store on 5th Avenue, quietly indulging in a croissant, dressed in a floor length gown with black gloves, glam jewelry, big sunglasses, and a tiara to crown her messy yet elegant bun. Holly Golightly is the epitome of New York chic, roaming around in her cute apartment (which, admittedly, her many male suitors pay for), wearing gorgeous outfits and throwing lavish parties—yes, she may have a habit of latching on the nearest rich fella she sees, but Holly is a free spirit. In a manner quite different from the culture at the time, she is an independent woman who doesn’t need to bind herself to a man to have a purpose in life.


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Companies that are Empowering Women

The recent 2017 Women’s March while controversial once analyzed, nevertheless served to get the attention of many and empowered women. There are many businesses out there who are pushing the politically-correct concept of aggressively hiring a diverse staff. They are also recognizing the value of empowering women as well. Here are a few examples of companies that empower women.

Undercover Colors
Undercover Colors is a new company founded in 2014 by four student “engineers”. Noting that one in six women are reportedly sexually assaulted in her lifetime, they saw an opportunity. They decided that they could use their education and technology to empower women.

They invented special wearable nail technology that gives women “wearable protection” at their fingertips. The technology indicates the presence of known date rape drugs in drinks via a change of color. A woman just dips a finger into the drink and within a matter of seconds will know if there is a date rape drug in her beverage if the nail changes color thus allowing women to feel safer and more confident when they go to bars alone.

Famous for its feminine hygiene products, the Always company is a natural in terms of empowering women. They promote personal safety, being environmentally friendly and being concerned about the future of their current and future customer base–women and girls.

They empower women in a number of ways. Perhaps the most well-known contribution is their partnership with UN Women. They work to give women confidence from puberty forward. Since the summer of 2016 Always has supported the “One Win Leads to Another” program, which specifically strives to empower 10 to 18-year-old girls through sports. It started in brazil as a result of a partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

The Dove company is another natural for empowering women as females are a large part of their customer base. This company, while associated with promoting beauty, seeks also to promote confidence and pride in women.

The company’s famous Campaign for Real Beauty is actually a global marketing campaign that began two years ago. It includes ads, the publication of a book, production of a play, sleepover events, videos ad workshops. The marketing campaign specifically is meant to celebrate diversity.

These, of course, are but a few of the companies that are empowering women. There are many more out there across the globe. Indeed, all things considered, the classic cigarette commercial was right. “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

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K-Beauty: This Year’s New Skin Care Trend

Asian women are renowned around the world for their soft, dewy faces, their impeccable fashion sense – and their beauty secrets.

In 2016, “K-beauty,” or beauty and skincare products from South Korea, rose to enormous popularity in the United States. Sephora now has whole sections devoted to South Korean beauty, including brands like Too Cool for School and Son & Park. The Sephora in-house brand also now offers peel-off face, hand, and foot masks, a product line that’s inspired by the South Korean sheet mask trend.

What’s different about the South Korean approach to beauty? The key lies in the emphasis that Asian women, including South Koreans, place on skincare products rather than makeup. It’s all about keeping your skin fresh and hydrated, and protecting it from sun damage.

It used to be that Western beauty brands led the way in innovation, but according to Marie Claire, that tide is turning in the other direction. When it comes to ingenious product designs and cute packaging, South Korea is leading the way. Marie Claire believes that South Korea is actually seven years ahead of the rest of the world with its forward-thinking approach to skincare products. Snail-infused sleep masks are one of them – an idea that seems strange at first but is actually ingenious!

So what does it take to get that gorgeous, youthful glow? In a recent article in Vogue, three industry experts describe the process:

1. Use an oil cleanser – oil attracts oil like a magnet, making it easy to get a deep, thorough clean and remove every trace of dirt and makeup without pulling or tugging.

2. Foam cleanser – yep, you gotta cleanse twice.

3. Toner – reset your skin after deep cleaning.

4. Essence – helps with skin-cell turnover.

5. Serum – layer one or two to get a laser focus on skin issues, like acne, wrinkles, or sun damage.

You can also use things like an exfoliator, a sheet mask (check out Mannatech’s Uth Facemask), an eye cream, or a sleep mask if you want to get the full look. But if you feel overwhelmed by all the different things you feel like you can or should try, South Korean beauty expert Charlotte Cho, cofounder of SoKo Glam!, tells Vogue it’s important to ease yourself into it.

“Don’t feel overwhelmed. First, get to know your skin. Figure out what it needs,” she says. “Slowly add products to your routine and see if the consistency and ingredients are beneficial to your skin. The fun is in the discovery of new skincare products and finding the ones that work best for you.”

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Artists in Joplin Thank the United Arab Emirates

In 2011, the city of Joplin was rocked to its core by the intense power of a tornado that touched down and caused massive damage. The schools in Joplin were damaged by this tornado greatly. This is something that caused a major upset for teachers, parents, and students all over Joplin. The school district was at a loss for how they were going to repair the schools after this natural disaster happened. An unlikely call was received one afternoon at the Joplin school district offices. On the other end of the phone was a representative of the United Arab Emirates.

A representative of the UAE embassy had contacted the school district to reach out and lend a helping hand. Seeing as how 6 schools were destroyed during the tornado, the UAE were looking for ways to help the 2,200 students affected by this tragedy. The UAE asked the school district to dream big. This is just what the school district did. There was no way that they could afford to replace all of the laptops lost in this tragedy, so the school district asked for 2,200 hundred laptops from the UAE. They responded by supplying the school district with 2,200 brand new MacBooks for the students affected by this tragedy.

The UAE didn’t just stop there. They also donated $5 million dollars to help rebuild the destroyed hospital in Joplin. A neonatal care unit was crucial to this hospital which was not a part of the reconstruction plans. The $5 million that was donated by the UAE to help reconstruct the hospital was used for the addition of a neonatal care unit.

Artists Rebecca Perry and Jo Meuller have worked together to create two incredible sculptures as a thank you to the UAE. These sculptures have been taken to the UAE Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba as a token of gratitude for the amazing help that was given to Joplin during its time of need. The largest of the two sculptures represents a tree and is 2 feet tall. With colors of both the UAE flag and US flag, this sculpture represents the unity between these two nations during this time of need.

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NC State Students Bring New Meaning to Date Rape Prevention

Statistics show that about one out of every four to five women who attend college are victims of a sexual assault. This is a very surprising statistic that also is very frightening for parents that are sending their young women off to college. The fact is that sexual assault on college campuses is on the rise. Still, colleges across the country try to cover up the rising statistic. Four North Carolina State University students were aware of this growing problem and decided to address this problem with their invention Undercover Colors.

Undercover Colors
Four engineering students from North Carolina State University got together and invented Undercover Colors (@UndercoverColor). This is a welcomed product that addresses, the date rate problem that is very prevalent at some college campuses across the country. More college age girls than you imagine complain that someone spiked their drink at a party or social gathering with a date rape drug. The drug is almost impossible to detect, after it is placed in their drink. Undercover color is a nail polish that changes color, if it detects the presence of drugs or more specifically the date rape drug. Ankesh Madan, is one of the college students that invented the Undercover Colors product. He stated that their goal was to empower women with a way to protect themselves.

The Solution
Madan and his fellow inventors were astounded at the amount of crimes that were against women. The young inventors started discussing a pressing problem on campuses across the country and their conversation turned to date rape drugs. They decided to come up with a solution to protect women from the drug. A solution that would easily fit in with the lifestyle of women. They decided on creating a nail polish that easily detected the date rape drug in drinks. The woman wearing the polish simply dips her fingernail with the polish into a drink. In a few seconds the polish will identify the presence of a date rape drug by changing color.

Ankesh Madan, Stephen Gray, Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Tasso von Windheim are the inventors of Undercover Colors a wearable nail polish that quickly detects the presence of a date rape drug in a drink.

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