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Top 3 Meal Replacement Shakes to Try

You should always use an effective system when you look for meal replacement shakes for yourself. You should review three areas when you search for the best item to work into your fitness program. Consider taste quality, effectiveness and nutrient count as important areas for review. Meal replacement shakes are best when they taste amazing and they do what you expect them to do. The following are three of the top meal replacement shakes you can buy and some of the reasons that they should make it into your body:

Affordable Option: Ensure
Ensure has a series of meal replacement shakes that it offers online and inside of various establishments such as Walmart. The high-protein line of shakes comes with 16 grams of protein and 23 essential vitamins. Those vitamins and minerals include vitamins B, C and E, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, folate, magnesium and more. One shake is only 160 calories. Consumers adore Ensure shakes and give them ratings of three to 4.5 stars. Their most memorable praises refer to their taste. If taste quality is high on your priority list, then the Ensure option may be just for you.

Fullness Option: TruPLENISH Nutritional Supplement Shake by Mannatech
Mannatech’s TruPLENISH shake is an option that you would want to choose if you were looking for plant-based protein. The TruPLENISH shakes come in tasty vanilla and chocolate options, and they are high in fiber. Having a high fiber content in a replacement shake is important because it can provide you with a full feeling for many hours.These shakes may be for you if you are trying to curb your appetite. TruPLENISH is part of a full cleansing and nourishment system that Mannatech recently released.

Energy Seekers: Myoplex Lite Powder
Myoplex Lite is an amazing option for its energy production capability. It contains many ingredients that cause muscles and endurance to build. Some of the main ingredients in Myoplex are the calcium, taurine, soy and whey protein. Taurine is a powerful energy booster. If you want to your shake to wake you up and build your muscle, you may want to consider putting Myoplex Lite in your program. Consumers rated the product with more than three stars.

All of the above-mentioned options are amazing choices if you are looking to enhance your health and your body. Try one and watch it work wonders for you.

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Innovative Products that Help Keep Women Safe

Innovative Products that Help Keep Women Safe

Each year, thousands of women are assaulted and raped. However, there are companies that produce products that are keeping women safer such as the Safelet.

• The Safelet is a bracelet that has two buttons on the side that women can press to send a message to contact within a Guardian Network.
• In addition, this bracelet also is in sync with the user’s mobile phone to start recording audio.

Undercover Colors: an innovative and safe product

Undercover Colors (https://www.buzzfeed.com/alisonvingiano/these-college-students-are-making-a-nail-polish-that-changes) is a great way for a woman to stay safe. Undercover Colors is nail technology that identifies the presence of common date rape drugs in various beverages by changing colors. To make it work, dip your finger with the nail technology into a beverage. Within seconds the presence of a date rape drug will change color.

Check out The SirenAnother product that helps women stay safe is the SIREN. The SIREN words by putting out a loud sound that confuses and distracts attackers. The sound can be heard from 50 feet away. To make it work, all you have to do is twist the top of the ring to the left; it will then put out a loud sound.

Athena: another safe product for women

Athena is another product that is effective and keeping women safe. It is about the size of a half dollar and puts out a loud alarm when a woman presses a button.

• Once the button is pressed, it sends an alert with the location of the woman wearing it and contacts who can give assistance.
• What makes this device even more effective is that it can be put on a “silent mode” and still send out information to contacts without making any sound at all.

What about Revolar?

Revolar is another great product; it looks like a small garage clicker. It is oval-shaped and is one two inches in length.

• It can be clipped onto a jeans pocket or sports bra. When it is pressed twice, it sends out a “yellow alert” to certain contacts.
• The contacts receive a text message with the user’s location and a message that says the user feels unsafe.
• In addition, a triple-press will send out a “red alert.”

To conclude, each year, thousands of women are assaulted and raped. However, there are companies produce products that are keeping women safe such as the Safelet. Find out more about products that keep women safe from the many fine articles on the Internet.

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K-Beauty: This Year’s New Skin Care Trend

Asian women are renowned around the world for their soft, dewy faces, their impeccable fashion sense – and their beauty secrets.

In 2016, “K-beauty,” or beauty and skincare products from South Korea, rose to enormous popularity in the United States. Sephora now has whole sections devoted to South Korean beauty, including brands like Too Cool for School and Son & Park. The Sephora in-house brand also now offers peel-off face, hand, and foot masks, a product line that’s inspired by the South Korean sheet mask trend.

What’s different about the South Korean approach to beauty? The key lies in the emphasis that Asian women, including South Koreans, place on skincare products rather than makeup. It’s all about keeping your skin fresh and hydrated, and protecting it from sun damage.

It used to be that Western beauty brands led the way in innovation, but according to Marie Claire, that tide is turning in the other direction. When it comes to ingenious product designs and cute packaging, South Korea is leading the way. Marie Claire believes that South Korea is actually seven years ahead of the rest of the world with its forward-thinking approach to skincare products. Snail-infused sleep masks are one of them – an idea that seems strange at first but is actually ingenious!

So what does it take to get that gorgeous, youthful glow? In a recent article in Vogue, three industry experts describe the process:

1. Use an oil cleanser – oil attracts oil like a magnet, making it easy to get a deep, thorough clean and remove every trace of dirt and makeup without pulling or tugging.

2. Foam cleanser – yep, you gotta cleanse twice.

3. Toner – reset your skin after deep cleaning.

4. Essence – helps with skin-cell turnover.

5. Serum – layer one or two to get a laser focus on skin issues, like acne, wrinkles, or sun damage.

You can also use things like an exfoliator, a sheet mask (check out Mannatech’s Uth Facemask), an eye cream, or a sleep mask if you want to get the full look. But if you feel overwhelmed by all the different things you feel like you can or should try, South Korean beauty expert Charlotte Cho, cofounder of SoKo Glam!, tells Vogue it’s important to ease yourself into it.

“Don’t feel overwhelmed. First, get to know your skin. Figure out what it needs,” she says. “Slowly add products to your routine and see if the consistency and ingredients are beneficial to your skin. The fun is in the discovery of new skincare products and finding the ones that work best for you.”

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Three Cosmetic Lines To Try In 2017

There are many new beauty product lines that will launch in 2017. All the way from makeup to skin care products but if you are not very familiar with the beauty industry then how do you which products to try out. Well I am going to share a few beauty lines that in my opinion are worth a try.

First off, I want to introduce you to a skincare line by Mannatech–a global health company–is called Uth. The skin care line has a cleansing brush, gentle cleanser, moisturizer, rejuvenating creme and more. The entire line is hypoallergenic and will not clog your pores. The great part about Mannatech is that with every product that is purchased from the company, a monetary donation is taken from the transaction and is used to help children in need worldwide. They also have a TruHealth line that is for weight loss and nutrition. Mannatech also offers a 6 month satisfaction guarantee on all their products, so if you decide you don’t like a product just send it back.

Next, i want to talk about Jane Iredale’s new line of hydration sprays. The line offers three sprays: D2O, Pommisst, and Balance. All the sprays are completely vegan and cruelty-free. The sprays are designed to relax and refresh you. Jane Iredale also offers other great products that are also vegan and cruelty free. One of the products is her popular PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, that is water resistant and has 24 different shades to match every skin shade.

Lastly, SkinCeuticals has many skin care lines. Their most popular product is C E Ferulic, which is a Vitamin C serum that helps brighten the skins appearance and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The “C E Ferulic” serum has won the Beauty Award 24 times and has over 100 positive reviews. At SkinCeuticals they are constantly searching new ways to improve skin health.

Each of these lines are great and have fantastic reviews. So if you are in search of a new product for your beauty routine then I recommend you take a look at one of these three makeup and skin care lines. The reviews speak for themselves.

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