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What Is Mixed Use Space

Mixed use property is a combination of residential and commercial property. In fact, it’s an urban environment that includes industrial space also. To expand the Miami area, they have been using mixed use space development. They’re integrated to be fully functionally for residents, commercial property, and businesses. You can also include retail space with this type of property to maximize the value of your property. Mixed property has become very popular and more people are adopting this kind of space to stay current in property development with other urban areas and cities.

How Miami Is Developing

Mixed income property has allowed the Miami area to increase the amount of money that’s coming into their community. There has been advantages to the development of this type of property for the Miami area. The combination of both types of property has allowed their residents and businesses to flourish financially together. In fact, Miami is a heavily populated business area that is considering adding office space to their mixed use apace to accommodate business professionals currently in and relocating to the Miami area. The initiative has been a success as development is currently under way.

How Will They Finance This Type of Property

A commercial loan is needed for mixed use development, but Miami stands in a great category for this type of loan. Many investors feel like they will get their money by funding the development of mix use property in Miami. However, most of the income will come from the residential portion of the property. They will be able to secure their loan with the residents that pay monthly rent. They expect the businesses to shift from time to time and can’t calculate the portion of their income.

The truth is that Miami has thousands of businesses that come to their city each year. There is no certain type of business that they can measure because Miami is a popular spot because of their weather. Consequently, they have a lot of development space that’s available for mix use space that will please developers and the investors alike. The strength of your commercial residents will also factor the amount of money they make from mix use property. The estimated value of these type of properties is a result of nearby areas with similar development. Learn more about mix development property by going online today.

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Grand Cayman’s Newest Luxury Condos Have Arrived

The world is filled with new and exciting places to live, but not much can compare with the elegant, luxury living in Grand Cayman. There you will find homes, condos, and apartments nestled on beachfront property, or in the midst of a historic town. Whatever your lifestyle preference, you will find it on Grand Cayman.

The real estate developers are bringing fantasies to life with amazingly designed dwellings that have modern style and flare. These communities are great for everyone from the young professionals, to those who are looking forward to retirement, and people who have reached retirement age.

One of the popular Cayman properties available are the luxury condos. The housing industry is booming, and there are many Grand Cayman condos for sale. The island proudly presented its newest condos in ten years, The Residences at Seafire, alongside the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa hotel. Here, people can enjoy a rich Caribbean lifestyle in a place that is also a vacation paradise. You can now own property there and reside in luxury living year-round, or use the property as a vacation home. The Residences at Seafire is a twelve-acre property with beautiful, landscaped gardens. It also has a pool deck that joins the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa.

The Residences at Seafire are situated on the island with the Caribbean Sea on the west, and the North Sound on the east. Residents will enjoy the novelty of viewing the sunrise, and the sunset over the water.

In fact, the name “Seafire” was derived from the magic of the sun as it touched the horizon, and the entire sky became a magical light.

The Residences at Seafire also has a rooftop lounge for stylish entertaining outdoors. The lounge and the lobby were designed by a renowned designer who used the natural surroundings, and colors of the island as his inspiration.

The Residences at Seafire condos range in size from efficiencies and boutique studios to four-bedroom and larger, and they are competitively priced. The floor plans range in sizes from six hundred square feet to over four thousand square feet of space. These Grand Cayman condos offer many features that would please any individual or family. Island living could not be better than the luxurious condos at the Residences at Seafire.

Grand Cayman offers fine accommodations, entertainment, and events that will ensure a well-rounded lifestyle while living in a safe and secure environment.

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The 20 Best Places to Go in 2018

Whether you dream of escaping to a far-flung beach, adventuring up a mountain, wandering a new city’s streets, discovering ancient ruins, or simply relaxing lakeside, MONEY’s Best in Travel guide can help you make it happen.

For the third year, MONEY has found destinations both in the U.S. and internationally that deliver the highest value for your dollar. Each spot is packed with must-do experiences and amenities but at a price that, relatively speaking, makes it a steal. To identify these 20 places we rely on the numbers: more than 32,000 data points in total from dozens of sources, covering cost, year-over-year trends, and customer satisfaction. We got destination information from travel publisher Lonely Planet. (See full methodology.)

We’ve also estimated the weekly cost to visit each of these places—a tab that covers average airfare, a week’s worth of hotel rooms, plus local transportation, meals, and activities for two. MONEY’s winners aren’t necessarily the cheapest, nor are they always the most luxe; they’re where quality, cost, and value come together to provide a terrific travel experience.

Continue to the destinations…

Source: time.com

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New York’s Chocolate Havens

If you’re in the Big Apple, there’s a lot you can take a bite out of. For a city that doesn’t sleep, the variety is an endless stream of triggers on your taste buds you could explore an entire lifetime before you have experienced it all.

Right now though, we’ll cover some of the best chocolatiers that compete with Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars in New York City.

Kee’s Chocolates

This chocolate outlet has a special variety. Their presentation is very similar to the Bonbon configuration we tend to know: small, round and bite size. The owner, Kee Ling Ton, is notorious for taking the tempered morsels of hand-dipped masterpieces that have a crunchy hard shell of cocoa and putting them on display in appeasing ways.

Expect the items to be filled with the best things on Earth. Imagine créme brulée, mousse, ganache and even blood orange or key lime fillings.

Liddabit Sweets

This shop is an all-out candy maker, so if you’re not just satisfied with a chocolate fix, you can find other options here. But then again, why not test their variety to expand your sense of New York chocolate?

At Liddatbit Sweets, you’ll find a few options that won’t disappoint. They consist of items dipped with chocolate like bacon, pretzels, corn, beer and caramels.

Madelaine Chocolate Company

The shop for this manufacturer can be found on Beach 95th Street, NYC., if you’re looking for the widest variety of odd chocolate treats.

Consider things like chocolate cigars, artistic butterflies and malt balls. But be sure to locate the 95th street access point because the bulk of the chocolatier operates as a pretty decent sized factory.

Hurricane Sandy even threatened the operation of Madelaine Chocolate Company and in a devastating way, but $13.2 million was raised to support its recovery and by none other than the beloved, Mayor de Blasio.

Aigner Chocolates

Aigner has been a around for over 80 years and hasn’t stopped pleasing the cocoa appetite of New Yorkers. It also continues to be operated by the family name, Aigner. The shop can be considered New York’s own German or Austrian boutique giving you choices from truffles to marzipan; dipped gummies to sugar-free flavors.

The next time you’re in the Big Apple, try taking a bite out of something sweet like the chocolate products we just mentioned above. Visit the shops and learn more about their owners. We’re sure they won’t stop you from a free sample here and there; and a great conversation.

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