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Companies that are Empowering Women

The recent 2017 Women’s March while controversial once analyzed, nevertheless served to get the attention of many and empowered women. There are many businesses out there who are pushing the politically-correct concept of aggressively hiring a diverse staff. They are also recognizing the value of empowering women as well. Here are a few examples of companies that empower women.

Undercover Colors
Undercover Colors is a new company founded in 2014 by four student “engineers”. Noting that one in six women are reportedly sexually assaulted in her lifetime, they saw an opportunity. They decided that they could use their education and technology to empower women.

They invented special wearable nail technology that gives women “wearable protection” at their fingertips. The technology indicates the presence of known date rape drugs in drinks via a change of color. A woman just dips a finger into the drink and within a matter of seconds will know if there is a date rape drug in her beverage if the nail changes color thus allowing women to feel safer and more confident when they go to bars alone.

Famous for its feminine hygiene products, the Always company is a natural in terms of empowering women. They promote personal safety, being environmentally friendly and being concerned about the future of their current and future customer base–women and girls.

They empower women in a number of ways. Perhaps the most well-known contribution is their partnership with UN Women. They work to give women confidence from puberty forward. Since the summer of 2016 Always has supported the “One Win Leads to Another” program, which specifically strives to empower 10 to 18-year-old girls through sports. It started in brazil as a result of a partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

The Dove company is another natural for empowering women as females are a large part of their customer base. This company, while associated with promoting beauty, seeks also to promote confidence and pride in women.

The company’s famous Campaign for Real Beauty is actually a global marketing campaign that began two years ago. It includes ads, the publication of a book, production of a play, sleepover events, videos ad workshops. The marketing campaign specifically is meant to celebrate diversity.

These, of course, are but a few of the companies that are empowering women. There are many more out there across the globe. Indeed, all things considered, the classic cigarette commercial was right. “You’ve come a long way, baby.”