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Conquest for the Treasures of the Caribbean

From “The Aquatic World,” Philipe Cousteau and Ashlan Cousteau are back to explore newer places and set out on a different adventure. This time, the grandson of late explorer Jacques Cousteau has set out to find treasures in the Caribbean. With a keen sense of adventure in his blood and he set out to find treasures hidden in The Caribbean.

When it comes to visiting the Caribbean, most people think of sandy beaches and tropical getaways, however, Philippe and Ashlan both know how far that is from the truth. During this mission, they learned that there is more to the Caribbean than they initially thought. In the three months they set out to go treasure hunting, they had trouble finding people who would assist them in uncovering treasures his grandfather had noted in his books. Remarkably few people were willing to help in finding the treasure due to the barrier reef which could have caused a shipwreck for any person riding out on a boat. After five days or being on a ship, they reached their destination and found the sunken ship. After the exciting and tiresome adventure, the couple relaxed by the beachside and indulged in fine dining and drinks like what most tourists would do in the Carribean.

Other adventures they embarked on were a trip to a cave in the Commonwealth of Dominica and searching for the treasure of the pirate Jean Hamlin in St. Thomas. All these adventures alongside searching for treasures is a way for Philippe to reconnect with his roots and explore the way his conservationist and explorer roots. While their new show “Caribbean Pirate Treasure” will touch upon issues regarding nature, the main topics that will be discussed are the history of what his grandfather wrote alongside the history of each of these nations that Philippe and Ashlan visit. In the new series, the couple will explore St. Croix, Honduras, and the Commonwealth of Dominica. Stay tuned for Sunday, August 20th, “Caribbean Pirate Treasure” for the 13-episode series on The Travel Channel.