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Mother Daughter Brand, SemSem Welcomes Albino Riganello

Fashion is what makes the world go round. It sets the tone for how people feel about themselves and gives them the confidence they need to succeed. The famous fashion house SemSem has taken the industry to a new level of luxury that has never been reached before.

Creative Directions
The SemSem line has become an iconic figure within the industry because of the dedication of its founder Abeer Al Otaiba. Her vision is directed towards:

  1. Quality
  2. Functionality
  3. Attention to detail

Married to political figure, Yousef Al Otaiba, Abeer is inspired to make clothing that represents who the person is and who they want to become.

Abeer Al Otaiba uses the iconic Egyptian symbol of a triangle and lotus flower to represent the brand. Her experience and knowledge has helped create a line of clothing that combines elegance and comfort for women around the world. The SemSem name has a direct tie to her daughter Samia, who has the nick name of SemSem.

Mothers and Daughters
There is a special bond that is unique to mothers and daughters. The goal of the SemSem line is to bring them closer together through fashions that play off each other. They are not direct copies, but use the same concepts.

Renowned Design Director
Albino Riganello is the new design director for SemSem. His illustrious career has taken him around the world, working for some of the top fashion companies. Riganello was intrigued by the offer to join the team and was excited to make the move.

Experience Counts
A long list of credentials follows Albino Riganello to SemSem. He has been linked to Dolce & Gabbana, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Elie Tahari, St. John, Zuhair Murad, and Givenchy. Abeer Al Otaiba appreciated the glamorous designs of Albino and wanted him to help her already famous fashion house move into its next phase.

Above and Beyond

Giving back is a top priority of Abeer Al Otaiba. She is a philanthropist who is active with women’s and children’s issues. Abeer is an avid supporter of charities that encourage the growth and empowerment of females. SemSem promotes literacy, legal awareness, education, and gender equality.

A Team Effort

It takes a team to become successful. When Abeer Al Otaiba and Albino Riganello joined forces, the brand SemSem became unstoppable. The clean sophisticated lines are designed for women who want to look as good as they feel. Any woman and their daughters can wear SemSem and feel more confident.